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About Tap
Our mission and philisophy

Technology Assisted Promotion, or TAP for short, is an online publication for marketers, business owners and startups.

The idea behind it is to help marketing and business decision makers with insights and practical advice needed for better understanding of marketing in today’s digital space and for executing the right strategic and tactical actions that spur growth in a modern business environment.

We cover new industry trends as well as proven practices that can be effective for crafting successful digital strategies, increasing brand awareness and visibility, expanding marketing knowledge and developing careers.

Our blog covers online branding strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), content and social media marketing.

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Tap Team
Meet the Tap founders
Marko Maric


I am Marko, the co-founder of the Technology Assisted Promotion (Tap).

I have started this project with my friend and colleague Milana out of our love for marketing and the desire to create a place for sharing marketing and business ideas, knowledge and geeky humor.

I am a marketing manager by profession who, after working in marketing for some time, has ventured into digital marketing and SEO.

Milana Jovic

Hello there,

I am Milana and I am the co-founder of the Technology Assisted
Promotion (Tap).

After getting a degree in marketing I started working
in the digital industry. The thing that made me excel in the digital sphere is the ability to learn from the traditional marketing thought, use those strategies and theories and apply them to modern channels.

My goal is to share these views and help everyone interested in doing the same.

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